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Potty Training, Constipation, and Anxiety


Hello Dr Deb, I have been trying to toilet train my almost 3 year old daughter for 4.5 months. We gave it a break after no progress with doing a poo on the toilet. She seems anxious and can't let go even if she is desperate and has already started going. We are on our [...]

Potty Training, Constipation, and Anxiety2014-05-06T09:10:59+00:00

My Top 3 Essential Parenting New Years Resolutions!


Happy New Year to all my readers. Here's wishing you all the very best for you and your family in 2013. With the ringing in of the New Year often comes resolutions, hopes, and promises - those we make to ourselves and our children. Yesterday, I received a question from a mother in my practice [...]

My Top 3 Essential Parenting New Years Resolutions!2013-01-02T17:22:56+00:00
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