I am a general pediatrician with a special interest in ADHD, spending about 20% of my clinical time caring for ADHD patients. I have known Dr Pontillo since 2005 and have an enormous respect for her clinical skills and insights. She is my “go to” psychologist for more complicated developmental issues and for diagnosis of subtle high functioning disabilities. Dr. Pontillo’s interest in her patients and her ability to clearly delineate developmental problems allows parents to move forward with establishing a treatment plan. She is an invaluable resource to the San Diego Pediatric community.

Nicholas Levy, MD, Medical Director, El Camino Pediatrics, V. Asst Clinical Professor, School of Medicine, UCSD

Dr. Pontillo is an exceptional, and one-of-a-kind child psychologist. I have referred many children of my patients to Dr. Pontillo and she has always given them the best care and attention. Referring a patient to another professional is a big responsibility. I always look for a colleague who is efficient, professional, experienced and one who is able to come up with a clear diagnosis. I keep referring to Dr. Pontillo because of her expertise, efficiency and especially her warm and caring personality that is extremely necessary when dealing with children. I very highly recommend Deborah Pontillo, Ph.D as a child diagnostician, developmental and behavioral specialist, and therapist.

David Kravetz, M.D., Professor of Clinical Medicine, School of Medicine, UCSD

I’ve been referring my patients to Dr. Pontillo for the past several years with the utmost confidence that she will care and understand their developmental needs. Dr. Pontillo always provided them with a balanced and age appropriate intervention to help not only the child but the family as a whole.

Chrystal de Freitas M.D., Pediatrician Carmel Valley Pediatrics

Dr. Pontillo is a consummate professional in the field of child and adolescent psychology. Her mastery of cognitive and behavioral techniques in the treatment of a variety of childhood disorders ranging from attention issues, autism spectrum disorder, and emotional/behavioral is truly impressive. She understands how to implement effective intervention programs that are individualized to the “whole child” and are aimed at being efficient and bringing about measurable change as rapidly as possible.

Jeffrey Wood, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Division of Child Psychiatry and the Division of Psychological Studies in Education, UCLA. Faculty member at UCLA Center for Autism Research and Treatment

Dr. Pontillo’s understanding of childhood development and psychology comes from years of very highly specialized training and experience, which she uses to provide practical advice and helpful insights for parents and families dealing with a wide range of issues. She is an extremely valuable resource for my patients, or for anyone who interacts with children.

Lori Daniels, MD, MAS, FACC Director, Coronary Care Unit Associate Professor of Medicine UCSD Division of Cardiology Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center

Dr. Deborah Pontillo is both an exceptional individual and an outstanding professional. I have rarely encountered a professional who cares so much about her patients.Dr. Pontillo has passion for what she does and that is transparent in her work with her patients. I have sent many families to Dr. Pontillo for evaluation and therapy. I have not had one client yet who did not come back to me with overwhelmingly positive feedback about Dr. Pontillo.Dr. Pontillo has a very warm and comforting way of treating her patients. She loves children and that shows in the way she interacts with them. She has a very special approach to the point that most children look forward to go back to her!Dr. Pontillo is extremely detail-oriented and amazingly insightful in her assessment of children. She is also is extraordinary in communicating with parents. I refer my clients to Dr. Pontillo with the confidence that they will be receiving the highest standard of care not only in San Diego but in the whole United States.

Roya Kravetz, Board Certified ADHD coach and Parent Educator Instructor, Mira Costa College

Dr. Pontillo and I have been colleagues for nearly a decade. I respect her diagnostic mind, her personal demeanor, and the breadth of resources she is able to draw from! I would not hesitate to refer prospective clients to her, knowing that they will be well-served!!!

Sage de Beixedon Breslin, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist Healing Heart Center

Dr. Pontillo is one of the most dynamic professionals in the field of child psychology in southern California. It is my privilege to work with such a consummate professional. Her ability to diagnose children in a prompt and qualitative manner is superior. She affords children an immediate direction to a qualified program while providing guidance, support and empathy to their parents. Her ability to develop the gestalt for all clients regardless of age is the indication of a very gifted practitioner. Dr. Pontillo is the start of a Childs program and the end of the tedious searching for answers by all professionals who have the opportunity to work with her.

Christine Lotierzo, MA/CCC/SLP Speech/Language Pathologist, Encinitas Speech Therapy

I have known Dr. Pontillo for over 10 years, and I regularly refer families to her for evaluations and counseling. She is a great resource and is extremely knowledgeable in child development and disorders. She is also a great parent trainer and I have always received feedback that families I referred to her were extremely happy with their experience. I look forward to her blog and know I will be sending families for information from Dr. Pontillo via that resource as well!

Cindy Carter Barnes, PhD, Research Psychologist Autism Center of Excellence Dept. of Neurosciences, School of Medicine UCSD

Facing obstacles with your child can be challenging and frustrating for parents. Families need guidance and support that is individualized for their family and takes into account their child’s unique strengths and weaknesses. Dr.Deb Pontillo is a natural child psychologist and can be counted on under any circumstances. Her warm and welcoming disposition allows families to let down their guards and become active participants in their child’s intervention which is key is helping children reach their absolute best potential. Thanks to Dr. Pontillo’s extraordinary insights and recommendations, she has allowed families to get quickly onto the right path to help their children, and realize successful outcomes!

Jill Smith, Early Childhood Educator Program Coordinator Autism Spectrum Intervention Programs Speech/Language Dept. Rady Children's Hospital

For years teachers asked if our son had ADHD, but something just didn’t ring true for us as parents. He certainly showed some of the signs, but we were hesitant to just put him on medication. Thank God we had him assessed by Dr. Pontillo! What she discovered enabled us to better understand our son, to seek more appropriate modifications in the classroom for him, and to avoid his taking medication which might have worsened his symptoms significantly! We are eternally grateful to her!

Parent of a 9-year-old