Social Thinking Groups

Social Thinking Groups utilize the Social Thinking curriculum developed by Michelle Garcia Winner. To review the social thinking curriculum please visit

Speech/Language Evaluations and Therapy

Occupational Therapy and Evaluations

Other Specialists and Resources

  • ClubXcite
    Tutoring, Mentoring, Social Clubs/Recreational Programs
  • TutorTutor 
    In home tutors
  • The Family and Learning Center
    Tutoring Center, La Jolla
  • Roya Kravetz
    AD/HD Success Coaching; Coaching for teens and adults diagnosed with ADHD/ADD.
    Carmel Valley and Appointments over Skype
  • Nancy Cohen, M.A.
    Child Development and Behavioral Specialist;
    Carmel Valley, North Park, and offers home/school visits

Other Groups and Organizations

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