To celebrate, Priscilla, our Director of Postpartum Support Services, is offering FREE 45-minute Postpartum Screener Appointments for mothers of infants (birth through 18 months) or pregnant mothers.

Priscilla is here again to answer more commonly asked questions about therapy during the postpartum period! Please read below for more information: 


How can therapy help me and my family after I have had a baby?

Whether you are experiencing a PMAD or are seeking general support during this unique season of life, therapy could be for you!


In therapy sessions, we can:

-Create a safe space to process the many overwhelming but common feelings and thoughts that come up for parents during the postpartum period.

-Identify tailored strategies for your routine, sleep and self-care that best works for your family.

-Learn coping strategies to regulate through the roller coaster of emotions.

-Experience validation and affirmations as you transition to your role in parenting a little one.

-Enhance healthy attachment and bonding between you and your baby.

-Find reassurance that you are not alone.


I heard you have Infant-Caregiver therapy, what does that look like? 

One approach is known as “dyadic” therapy, which means with the parent and child (aka “the dyad”). This is an attachment-based therapy that utilizes play and everyday parent-child interactions as avenues to learn and grow in a way that supports BOTH the parent and child’s well-being at the same time. 


Common goals in session might be: 

-Developing co-regulation skills between you and your baby as a foundation for lifelong positive social/emotional skills

-Identifying and responding to your baby’s unique cues

-Enhancing secure healthy attachment and bonding between you and your baby

-Promoting your baby’s overall healthy development and growth

-Increasing your confidence as a parent to navigate the journey of early childhood

Why would joining a group help me? 

Most parents agree on 1 thing during the postpartum period and especially in those initial months: That typically there is an isolation that occurs during this time of HUGE transition and change. The opportunity to be able to learn with, share with and meet with other parents who are also going through this transition is incredibly valuable and helps everyone to feel less alone and more confident. It is amazing what can happen when you experience for yourself that you are not alone in your parenting journey.

If you would like to learn more about what might be a good fit for you and your family, I am still offering for a limited time FREE 45 minute Postpartum Screener Appointments and would love to chat with you.