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ATTENTION: all SCHOOL-AGED parents/staff/ administrators


I’m excited to announce that San Diego Kids First is partnering with local schools to provide targeted services within the community! We greatly enjoy offering these services to school administration, staff, students, and families and welcome you to join us in our mission to maximize the developmental, social, emotional, behavioral, and academic potential of children [...]

ATTENTION: all SCHOOL-AGED parents/staff/ administrators2023-02-03T04:06:48+00:00

New Low Fee Services!


As many of you know, Dr. Pontillo has been a voluntary Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine, for 13 years, where she has been providing clinical supervision to  Child/Adolescent Psychiatry Fellows in their final year of training.  In Dr. Pontillo’s continued commitment to education and training of quality professionals [...]

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How to Help an Older Child with Nighttime Bedwetting


Hi Dr Deb, I have been counseling the parents of an 8y/o girl. Her mother describes her issue with bedwetting as follows. " She was in pull/ups at night until she was 6.She is a really heavy sleeper. She started wetting the bed in September right when she started 3rd grade and 2 weeks after [...]

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5 Quick Tips to Ease Preschool Separation Anxiety..and More!!


5 (PLUS!) Quick Tips to Ease Preschool Separation Anxiety  Dear Dr. Deb, My 3 1/2-year-old just started preschool, and she is having a very tough time separating from me. She whines and complains on the ride in to school that she doesn't want to go, and then clings to my leg and cries at drop-off. [...]

5 Quick Tips to Ease Preschool Separation Anxiety..and More!!2012-10-02T06:34:51+00:00
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