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Dr. Pontillo Featured on PBS SoCal


Ask the Expert: How Do I Manage My Kids’ Holiday Expectations this Year? How can grown-ups explain to kids how different this holiday season will be? We asked two child psychologists for their tips. The major takeaway? Be honest and fair to yourself. At-Home Learning is an early childhood education resource (for ages 2-8) providing [...]

Dr. Pontillo Featured on PBS SoCal2020-12-07T00:16:14+00:00

Internet Safety Contract for Parents and Children/Teens


As well all know the growing number of children and teens that are becoming victims of online predators are alarming. As discussed this morning on my interview with CBS news, I recommend using a internet safety contract with your child or teen to encourage safe and responsible internet use. Please feel free to comment with [...]

Internet Safety Contract for Parents and Children/Teens2013-06-13T11:25:41+00:00
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