As well all know the growing number of children and teens that are becoming victims of online predators are alarming. As discussed this morning on my interview with CBS news, I recommend using a internet safety contract with your child or teen to encourage safe and responsible internet use. Please feel free to comment with any additions to this contract as I’m sure it is not exhaustive.


Dr. Deb


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Dr. Deb Pontillo, Child Psychologist , Private Practice (

V. Asst Clincal Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry, School of Medicine UCSD



  • I will NOT give out personal information  (address, passwords, telephone numbers, name of school ) to ANYONE, including my friends online
  • I will NOT post any personal information online, such as on my facebook page, etc.
  • I will NOT open emails or attachments from strangers. This includes emails from people who say they know me.
  • I will ONLY visit internet sites that my parents feel are appropriate. I agree to ask my parents’ permission if I come upon new sites that interest me.
  • I will NOT post any photos of myself online without my parents’ permission
  • I will NEVER arrange a meeting with ANYONE online that I don’t know, even if they say they know me from school, etc. Friends can CALL to make arrangements.
  • I remember that NOTHING I write online is private, even EMAIL. I will be very careful about what I choose to write.
  • If someone writes something that is mean or makes me feel uncomfortable I will log off and share this with an adult.
  • If I have any concerns about ANYTHING that happens online, I should tell my parents, and know that my parents will not be mad at me.
  • (For younger children) I understand that I need to be on the computer in a public place in my home (such as the kitchen or living room), and that my parents may supervise me while online.
  • I promise to abide by these rules while on my mobile device or while at a friend’s home.
  • I understand that if my parents are concerned, they may need to check my computer, look at my emails, or speak with my friends’ parents to ensure my safety.
  • I understand that if I break this contract, my access to the internet may be limited.



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