Our behavior specialist/ interventionist, Charlie has been practicing ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)), the Zones of Regulation, Pivotal Response Therapy, and other behavioral and social skill interventions for 7 years! He has extensive experience in providing 1:1 in-home behavioral support and is proficient in current evidence-based practices and scientifically validated methodologies to help children of ALL ages (2 through teens) with behavioral or social skill challenges.

He specializes in successful behavioral modification and utilizing these empirically validated principles to achieve lasting, meaningful, and positive change in children’s and family’s lives.


The visual supports displayed here were created by Charlie. He created them to be individualized for each client and tailored to their specific visual support needs.  Each visual support is tailored to a child’s developmental level/chronological age.

They were designed to help motivate his clients by using reinforcing themes and images guided by each child’s interest, passion, and strengths. The increase in motivation often leads to an increase in desired behaviors of compliance, appropriate communication, engagement, and increase in flexibility/ decrease in rigidity. 

The most common visual supports Charlie has created throughout his career are communication icons, visual schedules, choice boards, and token boards. Charlie has extensive experience in training parents to utilize visual supports with their child. The efficacy of visual supports increases significantly when parents are able to implement them correctly and consistently. Visual supports are powerful, yet non intrusive prompts that can decrease the frequency, intensity, and duration of problem behaviors.

The purpose of the visual supports are to help our kiddos better understand an instruction, expectation, and to help them communicate efficiently. They create predictability, which results in a decrease in anxiety and frustration. They also promote independence, and help our kiddos better engage and comply with parents and teachers. 

Visual supports provide routine and structure which increases your kiddos ability to focus, express their feelings, and to transition from a reinforcing activity to a non-preferred activity.


We are so thrilled to have Charlie on our team! We can’t wait to see what creative personalized visual tools he and your child will create together!

We can’t wait to provide these services for you! If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment please email or call Anna Williams at contact@sdkidsfirst.com/bright-stars/ / (619) 629-6250 and she will be happy to help you!