Parent Buddy Program

I recently had a parent email me this:

“If becoming a parent changes your life completely, becoming a parent to a child on the spectrum gives that change a whole new dimension.  It is heartbreaking to see your child struggle to pick up skills that seem to come so naturally to a typically developing child of the same age, or even younger. It’s difficult to explain to anyone how hard it is to get through the day never knowing what little thing will trigger a meltdown – a random tune, a noise, the closing or opening of a door…! And while it’s true that every child – on the spectrum or not – will have a meltdown over something sometime, this here is in a league of its own. At such a time, the only person who can truly “get” you, is another parent who is in your shoes.

Be it questions about what to do next or even on how to deal with the diagnosis, a parent who has been there can be huge support. Whether its questions on IEPs, alternative therapies, recommendations or just moral support, I have found help with all of this and more talking to a friend who has a child on the spectrum. This is especially true for families with a new diagnosis. And yet it is often hard to find a friend like this. “

Hoping to address this in some way, I am pleased to present to you my new Parent Buddy Program. This program is designed to connect and match two parents who have children on the autism spectrum of roughly the same age and gender – to allow those parents to garner support, ideas, resources, and guidance from someone who can understand them best!

Please click here to fill out a form if you wish to be matched with another parent to share support, resources, tips, questions, answers, stories or ideas.