Calling ALL Social Stars! 

We understand that families have busy schedules and can’t always commit to groups when we offer them. That’s why we have decided to host a variety of social skills groups throughout the year.

I’m thrilled to announce that registration is now open for another round of our social skills group!

If you are interested in registering your child for our group please contact our office at 858-692-4187 // We will happily place you on a waitlist to ensure that you receive a notification when a new round of our group is being offered.

Social skills are essential for future success in all aspects of life. In addition to giving your children the tools they need to be prepared for a lifetime of healthy social interaction with others, our group provides children with strategies for developing self-regulation and building a solid core of self-esteem and self-confidence to navigate situations with peers, in the home, and in life.

Your group leader, Alexandra will help your child practice for social situations with siblings, adults, classmates, play dates, playground settings, birthday parties, and more! Alexandra is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst “BCBA” with over 6 years of experience in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. She specializes in providing behavior analytic and parent enrichment services to empower parents by supporting the entire family. She develops treatment plans as a team to ensure all learning and teaching opportunities embody individual family values.
Here are just some of the topics we will be covering:
Effective Communication
Active Listening
Body Language
Respecting Personal Space
Eye Contact
Taking Turns
Following Directions
Staying on Task
Resolving Conflict
Three Optional, complimentary, bi-weekly, 60-minute telehealth parent nights!
Parents, you are KEY to your child’s success – and we will give you tools to reinforce strategies at home, and ensure the skills taught in the group are transferring effectively into the home environment.
These parent sessions can be used to go over what your child is learning in the program, their progress, strengths/ weaknesses and techniques to use at home.
The complimentary parent sessions will be held every other week during lunch hours
Please note, all registered families are required to meet with our group leader, Alex once before the group begins and once after to discuss progress and goals! Additionally, attendance for all sessions is required with the exception of medical absences as this is a cohesive curriculum that strongly relies on the participation of all group members
We are so excited to be able to provide this service for you! If you have any questions or would like to join the group, please email or call our office at / (858) 692-4187 and we will be happy to help you!