All of us here at San Diego Kids First have been working hard to provide only the highest quality of care to each and every family. With everyone resuming to their regular programming, I wanted to highlight two of our 50 minute services that are perfect for your busy schedule! 

  1. 50 Minute Screening with your child
  2. 50 Minute Consultation 


A 50 minute screening allows us to briefly screen your child for developmental, social, emotional, or behavioral concerns and will be conducted by Dr. Kealoha. By the end of the hour, Dr. Kealoha will provide specific recommendations for your child based on her observations and your child’s history. As each screening is specifically tailored to your child, you will receive more information than a pediatrician or doctor can provide to a parent within a single visit. In addition, Dr. Kealoha is now offering Autism Diagnostic Screenings! Stay tuned for more information! 

Dr. Kealoha has more than 15 years of experience in: 

  • Comprehensive psychological evaluation/testing
  • Family crisis intervention
  • Clinical program and policy development
  • Evidence-based child and adolescent therapy


Dr. Kealoha utilizes a strengths-based approach, where she emphasizes the unique interests and abilities of each individual—as opposed to focusing solely on symptom reduction and is available for in person and telehealth appointments!  

A 50 minute consultation session with one of our specialists allows us to address any concerns you may be having about yourself or your child. No matter how general or how specific these concerns may be, we will work through them together to find recommendations that work for your or your child. While many individuals have all their questions and concerns sufficiently addressed within a single appointment, others may choose to have subsequent consultative visits.

As our team of professionals continues to grow, I am so grateful to be a part of such a cohesive and collaborative group. I am very proud of the work the clinicians at San Diego Kids First provide to our families and will continue to  personally consult with all of my staff clinicians on a regular basis. Other services we provide are as follows: 

  • Evaluations 
  • Consultations 
  • Screenings 
  • Behavior Management/Parenting Sessions
  • Study/Organizational Skills Training
  • Therapy
  • Educational Therapy
  • Groups/Workshops
  • Video Parenting Course
  • IEP/504 Services

Warm Regards, 

Dr. Deb Pontillo, Director


San Diego Kids First (& now San Diego Therapy First , our adult division ) is a collaborative team of 9 experts providing evaluations , psychotherapy , educational therapy, academic and behavioral support for children from tots to teens and their families. Now offering adult services.