We have now uploaded the full recording of our information session with Dr. Kuleto on our website!


In the video, Dr. Pontillo and Dr. Kuleto discuss and answer client’s questions about children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and medication that addresses the associated symptoms.
Some questions that we answered include:
-What symptoms of ASD can medication address?
-Which medications address tantrums, aggression, rigidity, emotional dysregulation, anxiety, and executive dysfunction?

-When should medication not be used?

The goal of this information session was for parents to drive the conversation and get the answers they needed! We were thrilled with the parent turn out and thank you all for your participation.

Thank you to Dr. Kuleto for hosting this event! We are so grateful for your level of care and hope to collaborate again soon.
As our team of professionals continues to grow, I am so grateful to be a part of such a cohesive and collaborative group. SDKF services for toddlers, children, teens, and families include:
Targeted ASD Assessments
Developmental, Psychological and MultiDisciplinary Evaluations (incorporating Academic Testing)
Social/Emotional Learning Curriculum (SEL)
In-home Behavior Intervention
In-home Executive Functioning Support
Individual, Family, and Couples Psychotherapy
Dyslexia Screening and Intervention
Handwriting without Tears /Dysgraphia Intervention
Social Skills Groups
Teen Psychotherapy Groups
Bright Stars Video Parenting Course for parents of bright children with ASD
Behavior Management/Parenting Sessions
IEP/504 Design and Consultation Services
Inclusion Support