At San Diego Kids First, we are committed to growing our practice in order to provide continued support for you and your family. Due to high demand, our Educational Therapist, Sheri Friedman, is now opening up more appointment options for families!

Whether you are looking to increase, maintain, or advance your child’s academic progress, tailored educational therapy sessions are essential.

Although everyone learns differently, it is estimated that millions of children and adults with average to superior intelligence are experiencing academic difficulties. Educational therapy can help these individuals progress and fulfill their learning potential.

Educational therapy is personalized, remedial instruction for individuals experiencing learning differences and disabilities, including but not limited to dyslexia, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, executive function deficit, language, auditory, and visual processing deficit. The primary goal of educational therapy is to foster self-confident, independent learners who understand their learning profiles and can advocate for themselves.

Sheri is dedicated to meeting struggling students’ emotional, social, and academic needs. She works with a wide range of the pediatric population. She lays the foundation of success by creating a warm and trusting rapport with students, parents, teachers, physicians, and allied professionals. Sessions are individualized and specialized, integrating a variety of practical, creative methodologies along with evidence and brain-based therapeutic learning tools. In this way, Sheri prevents and circumvents the cycle of frustration, failure, and despair that affects so many children and their families—and replaces that cycle with joyful learning.

Hear What others say about Sheri,

-Our child has been improving in class and at school….Thank you very much, Sheri; we are very fulfilled with H’s performance.

– We have been so grateful for Sheri’s support. Our child has been more receptive to trying out new strategies and just seems to have a more open mindset. I know my family is in good hands with you.

– Thanks for your kindness and patience with him!!!… He came out in a great mood!

– Seeing Sheri’s name made me smile. It reminded me of how sincere she is. What a heart of gold.

We are so thrilled to be able to offer this service for everyone that is looking for support! If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with Sheri Friedman, you can email her directly at