We are proud to offer these services through San Diego Behavior Solutions behavior specialist, Charlie Aguilar and San Diego Kids First’s psychologist & developmental specialist, Dr. Jordan Ko.

Services Offered

– One hour developmental screens

A 50 minute screening allows us to briefly screen your child for developmental, social, emotional, or behavioral concerns. By the end of the hour, your clinician will provide specific recommendations for your child based on their observations and your child’s history. As each screening is specifically tailored to your child, you will receive more information than a pediatrician or doctor can provide to a parent within a single visit.



– In- Home Behavior Interventions

If you have a child that has difficulty regulating emotions, has frequent tantrums, trouble with authority, in school, at home, with siblings, and you need help learning new parenting strategies to change these behaviors, please call us for an assessment. These sessions are scheduled with one of our experts to develop specific tools and strategies designed for the individual child and family.


– Preschool Observations and Recommendations

Some of Charlie’s services include social skills training, executive functioning skills and academic planning for children with developmental disorders such as ASD and ADHD. Charlie will identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses and utilize them to create a school readiness routine!

Charlie can conduct classroom observations to develop an in-depth targeted behavior intervention plan for your child! This will include organizational skills, classroom behavior, IEP recommendations and educational tips/tools.  Charlie can also work with preschool directors and administrators on how to work with children who have tricky behavior.


– Developmental Evaluations


Some or all of the following areas will be assessed:

  • Social and interpersonal functioning
  • Communication skills
  • Adaptive functioning
  • Behavior
  • Play-skills
  • Attention/impulsivity
  • Mood/anxiety


– Interventions to Improve Parents As Communication Teachers (12 months- 3 years)

Project ImPACT (Improving Parents As Communication Teachers) is an evidence-based, naturalistic intervention program designed to partner with parents of young children (1 to 6 years old) to support their child’s development. This approach uses a blend of behavioral and developmental strategies to help parents increase their child’s social-communication and play skills in daily activities and routines.


We are thrilled to be able to provide these services for you! If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment please email or call Brooke, our Office Manager at contact@sdkidsfirst.com (858) 692-4187 and she will be happy to help you!