Autism Spectrum Disorder: an important diagnosis NOT to miss

It’s also an imporant diagnosis NOT to make incorrectly
It’s tricky.
And consequntial.
And San Diego Kids First is here to help.

I’m thrilled to announce another exceptional addition to our SDKF team. Dr.Elisabeth Thurlow, PsyD, has joined our practice bringing a wealth of fkill and experience to our toolbox. Importantly, she is trained and proficient in administering the Autism Diagnositc Observation Spectrum (ADOS), widely considered a gold standard instrument widely considered a gold standard instrument, not to be omitted from any diagnostic process for ASD. A keenly insightful diagnostician, Dr. Thurlow also takes a compassionate and collaborative approach to her work with her clients and colleagues.

Here are a few highlights about Dr. Thurlow:Licensed Clinical Psychologist, specializing in psychodiagnostic assessment of all ages

• More than 25 years of experience evaluating children, teens, and adults

• B.S., Psychology, UCLA; Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, Alliant International University

• Postdoctoral fellowship in pediatric neuropsychology, Kennedy Krieger Institute and Department of Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

• Staff psychologist, Department of Neuropsychology, Kennedy Krieger Institute

• Staff psychologist, Autism Spectrum Assessment Clinic, University of Miami


• Faculty, Department of Psychology, Southern Methodist University

Even when not at work, Dr. Thurlow is refining her diagnostic technique, honing her detective skills by means of crime novels. Oh, and by the way, she speaks three languages.

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In case you’re not already familiar with the much-requested ADOS assessment, you’ll find some key points below. And for a more comprehensive description, feel free to visit the website.