San Diego Kids First’s early childhood center is partnering with local preschools to provide professional training within the community! 


As a team, our experts will meet with preschool staff and administration to provide specialized presentations that address the topics and needs of your center and experts. This is great for teachers and staff who need guidance in establishing or resetting an inclusive culture and dynamic at school. Please take a look below for potential training topics! 

Potential Training Topics:

(Please note, SDKF can always tailor a topic to meet your specific needs)

-Handling Challenging Behavior in the Classroom

-Approaching Parents with Concerns and Presenting Recommendations

-Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Classroom – Strategies and Tools

-ADHD in the Classroom – Strategies and Tools

-Bright Stars – Bright students on the Autism Spectrum. Special strategies for highly verbal and intelligent students with social/behavioral challenges

-How to Successfully Model Inclusion in our Classrooms -What is a Behavior and How Should I Respond?

Transitions: Why Transitions are Hard for Some Children, and How to Help Students Navigate Transitions Successfully

-Is this Developmentally Appropriate or a Red Flag?

-What are the Zones of Regulation and How can I use them in my Classroom?

-Building Relationships – Strategies to Establish Rapport with Students with Challenging Behaviors

-The Three Main Behavior Triggers and How we Prevent them

-I am a General Education Teacher -What Can I do? Practical, Specialized Strategies for Gen. Ed Educators 

We greatly enjoy offering this service to school administrators and staff and welcome you to join us in our mission to maximize the developmental, social, emotional, behavioral, and academic potential of children. If you have any questions about this process or are interested in having SDKF present at your school, please call or email our office manager, Jenaya at 858-692-4187 // and she will be happy to help you!